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The Oleg Coach and Sasha Coach Family Support Program sells as digital data on message cards and uses 100% * of sales to support Oleg Coach and Sasha Coach families.

* Excluding credit card settlement fees.

After completing the payment, you will receive the download URL of the PDF message card.

* If you have already donated and need a message card, please let us know using the inquiry form.

* Sales will be carried out by Exdream Sports Co., Ltd., and the entire amount of sales excluding credit card settlement fees will be provided to the families of Oleg coaches and Sasha coaches as 50% support through the "Ukrainian Coach Family Help Association". ..

¥ 500,000 Help Oleg and Sasha Support Program (Digital Data)

  • This product is a PDF data message card.

    The purchase price is displayed along with the display of "THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT".

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